Description of the problem: A few days ago, I felt bored all day long, my mind was very congested, and I was unhappy in doing everything. I felt boring. I always wanted to find something to do. I couldn’t think of new things in my mind. Unhappy, and occasionally anxious and suspect that my roommate wants to murder myself. Two days ago, I suddenly felt that my mind was floating. I didn’t feel the same as before. Then I suddenly missed class because I didn’t want to go to class, so I didn’t do homework. I wanted to do something suddenly, even at night. See insomnia. The medicines I was taking before were lithium carbonate, topacil, and oxazepam. When I was more excited, it seemed that the side effects of subtle tremor of hands and feet were more obvious. Is there a need for a follow-up visit in this situation?
Question date:2021-04-21
Patient information:Age: 20 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, this situation requires a follow-up visit. It should have a lot to do with medication. The role of drugs is to make people unable to concentrate and not think about unrelated things. So it will feel very floating. The brain is blank and so on.
Guide suggestion: When you don’t want to do something, just stop doing it. This is the effect of drugs. But if you become a little anxious, then you need to consider whether the drug is overdone. Need to adjust the dosage and type of medication. Should follow up.
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