Problem description: Hello doctor! My baby coughed and vomited after having dinner and playing in the playground at night! Then I have to drink water and vomit again! Vomit is food and phlegm! Trouble with the doctor.
Question date:2021-04-21
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Question analysis: Hello! Have you ever coughed before? The main consideration of the child’s symptoms is that there may be some infectious diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infection, gastroenteritis. If the upper respiratory tract is infected, it may cause coughing. In addition, the child may have sputum before and will not spit. The sputum stimulates the throat and causes vomiting. Another possibility is gastrointestinal discomfort, such as gastroenteritis, and vomiting.
Guide and suggestion: It is recommended to pay attention to observation. Do not feed food if you are vomiting. You can feed a little warm water appropriately. If vomiting is frequent, it is best to go to the emergency department to check the blood routine and have the doctor check the sound of the child’s lungs and the condition of the abdomen.
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