Problem description:Hello doctor, my daughter had a cough, fever, chest pain, pleural effusion on CT scan, and was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She stayed in Daqing Second Hospital for 27 days. , Got better, and started to have a fever ten days after being discharged from the hospital, accompanied by a cough! I went to the second hospital again, did color Doppler ultrasound and CT, and there was no effusion in the chest cavity. I tested the blood and said that one of the items was high, saying that the fever might be a viral infection. Let me take antiviral drugs, but it didn’t work? The fever is quite frequent nowadays. Is this a recurrence of tuberculosis?
Question date:2021-04-21
Patient information:Age: 167 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, tuberculosis can easily lead to a decrease in immunity and may be infected with a virus.
Guidance suggestion: Tuberculosis infection is relatively stubborn. Generally, it is necessary to adhere to anti-tuberculosis drug treatment for about a year to completely get better. Please explain, besides the use of antiviral drugs, what other drugs are used for treatment?
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