Problem description: Hello doctor, my baby has a fever of 39.3 since last Saturday night. After taking anti-fever medicine in the evening, he coughed later. The next day, the baby had a fever of 39 degrees. After the medicine was taken, the butt medicine was stuffed. On the third day, the baby did not have a fever during the day. If the fever was 38.5 degrees in the afternoon, it would be fine. On the fourth day, the baby had a fever of 38.5 degrees from three o’clock until the night. It was 38.5 degrees after eight o’clock in the morning on the fifth day. I went to get medicine and stuffed my butt. I didn’t have a fever yesterday. I didn’t give him a fever at 37.5 last night. I gave my baby cough medicine. Why is the baby one? Is it normal if the temperature is between 35.5 and 35.9 degrees? The baby was sweating and cool all night
Question date: 2021-04-22
Patient information: Age: April gender : Male
Problem Analysis: First of all, the reason why the child has a high fever is due to a viral infection or a bacterial infection.
Guidance suggestion: Secondly, after the child uses antipyretic drugs, he will sweat a lot, so that his body temperature will drop significantly. At present, the child’s body temperature is within the normal range, so there is no need to worry about it. In addition, after a child sweats a lot, it is necessary to add water and electrolytes to the child.
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