On September 22, the first trading day after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the A-share banking sector fell 1.73%. On the interactive platform, investors inquired about loans, credits, and business dealings between listed banks and Evergrande Group. According to incomplete news statistics, as of now, 8 of the A-share listed banks have responded to related questions.

Bank of Zhengzhou (002936.SZ, 6196.HK) stated on the interactive platform that Evergrande’s loan business in our bank is mainly real estate development loans, with a small overall amount. At present, the overall risk of the project is controllable.

Zheshang Bank (601916.SH, 2016.HK) stated on the interactive platform, “Currently, our bank’s credit to Evergrande Group is 3.8 billion yuan, which is sufficient The overall risk is controllable. Our bank will keep close follow-up and timely communication of the operation and financial status of Evergrande Group and its related parties. Management and asset quality have a significant impact.”

Changshu Bank (601128.SH) stated on the interactive platform that as of the end of August this year, Changshu Bank’s loans to Evergrande Holdings There is one loan with a balance of 3.91 million yuan, and the loan guarantee method is land mortgage guarantee.

Industrial Bank (601166.SH) stated on the interactive platform, “The bank has been strictly monitoring the credit business of Evergrande Group, and only intervenes in a small number of first- and second-tier cities with relatively high qualifications. Good real estate development project financing does not involve non-real estate sectors, and the stock business collateral is sufficient. Since the beginning of this year, the credit exposure has been gradually reduced according to the project development progress to effectively manage and control risks. For Evergrande Group’s stock credit business, our bank has comprehensively strengthened the project Management, cooperate with the local government to “guarantee the building”, and actively take effective countermeasures.”

Jiangsu Bank (600919.SH) stated on the interactive platform that at present, Evergrande The group’s business scale in our bank is small, the proportion is low, the collateral is sufficient, and there is no risk exposure.

Jiangyin Bank (002807.SZ) stated on the interactive platform, “The bank strictly implements the national credit policy guidance and always increases its focus on credit risk in key industries such as real estate. Strengthen loan management in key areas. At present, Evergrande Group has no loan business in banks.”

Bank of Wuxi (600908.SH) stated on the interactive platform that the bank and Hengda There is no credit business.

Qingnong Commercial Bank (002958.SZ) stated on the interactive platform, “The business cooperation with Evergrande is small, and they are all project loans. The Bank will pay close attention to customer operations and strengthen risk prevention and control. “