Will you spend 88 yuan to buy a cup of milk tea?

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“Nai Xue’s tea is now sold for 80 pieces. Is it too far?” The high-priced tea that was limited by the season once triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

Is it crazy to buy milk tea for 88 yuan?

After the working day, a wave of “tea tea cart” At the weekend, going out to eat and watching movies will be a tea shop, even if the house is at home, I will miss the sweet taste.

From the average price of 10 yuan for Yihetang and Honey Snow Ice City, a little bit of 20 yuan and COCO, and then to 30 yuan of tea and Nai Xue tea, milk tea has been integrated into the daily life of young people as a civilian drink. .

Naixue’s tea launched the “Daqi Maoshan Wang” and “Domineering two pounds of mangosteen”, priced at 88 yuan and 68 yuan, far exceeding the average price of the tea industry.

A lot of netizens shouted: The freedom of milk tea is not what it used to be.

Is it crazy to buy tea for 88 yuan?This is a bold price test. Originally thought to be just a high-priced special drink, the result is that the daily supply is in short supply.

Who is paying for a cup of tea for 88 yuan? Milk tea is priced at 88 yuan. Is it “floating” or a “genius move”?

01,Tea industry on the air outlet

The 2019 drink trend report released by the US group comment shows that there are 410,000 tea shops in the country in 2018.

With the sinking of consumption upgrades, second- and third-tier cities have huge room for development, and the tea industry in the sinking market is still a blue ocean.

Is it crazy to buy tea for 88 yuan?

2019 China Beverage Industry Trend Development Report / US Mission Review

The huge commercial potential of the tea industry has attracted capital giants to enter.

Previous time# Alibaba shares in the tea Yan Yue color # on the microblogging hot search, tea Yan Yue color responded on the official microblogging:

“The hot search said that Alibaba’s claim to share the tea color is not accurate, but it is indeed related”, “Daddy’s father called grandfather” and other aspects confirmed that it has obtained financing.

In July, it was rumored that Xicha completed a new round of financing, and heavyweight players Tencent and Sequoia Capital led the investment, valued at 9 billion yuan.

This is the highest valuation that the brand in the new tea field has publicly obtained. It is necessary to know that the value of the Carrefour China market in hundreds of stores is only over 6 billion.

Rui Xing coffee, known as “China Starbucks”, launched the Deer Tea series in April and officially entered the new tea.

On September 3, Luckin announced the official split of the Deer Tea brand’s independent operation, and invited the artist Xiao Zhan as an independent brand spokesperson to target young women, which is ambitious.

spend 88 dollars to buy tea people are crazy yet?

September 3rd, Xiaolu Tea Officials’ Speech, Xiao Zhan / Rui Xing Coffee Official Micro

In addition to this, many brands have their heads with the tea industry.Influenced by people around.

Experimental proof: The more people want what others want, and the more obvious the needs of others, the more we want what they have.

Influence mentions that the fear of losing something seems to motivate people’s mobility more than the desire to acquire the same item. Especially under risk and uncertainty, the threat of potential losses can strongly influence a person’s decision.

So the scarcity principle has a strong influence in determining the value of things. The so-called “limited number” skills and “deadline” tactics have been tried and tested.

After the product is labeled as “limited time” and “limited”, the appeal to consumers is greatly increased. Nai Xue’s tea stimulates young consumers’ strong desire to purchase through a limited daily supply.

High prices are not worth mentioning in the face of scarcity. Moreover, there are still fine coffee and cake open in the afternoon tea industry, and the price within 100 yuan is still within the acceptable range of consumers.

Cost requirements:Loss money to earn?

According to the official information of “Naixue Tea”, Domineering Cat Mountain chose Malaysian “Cat Mountain King” durian, according to the average price of Taobao, 500g durian meat price is more than 200 yuan.

Is it crazy to buy tea for 88 yuan?

Cat Mountain King Durian Price / Taobao

If the official information says, the price of the fruit material used in “Naixue Tea” is indeed expensive. The price of Malaysian Cat Mountain Durian meat is several times that of Thai durian.

After local picking, the flesh is taken out and the cold chain is shipped directly to the store. The logistics and transportation expenses are also a large expenditure.

On the other hand, the production process of Domineering Cat Mountain King is more complicated, and the production time is more than other regular drinks. A drink of durian meat accounts for one-third.

The high price of milk tea is also based on cost. In the case of quality and quantity, the cost rises and the final price is directly determined.

In this way, the high price of 88 yuan seems to explain.

03,Why would someone pay for 88 yuan milk tea

The daily limit of 88 yuan high-priced milk tea is still in short supply, even if you arrive at the store early, you need to queue up. Who is paying for high-priced milk tea?

Younger generations requiring identity tags

Going to the red store for consumption, taking photos, retouching, matching high-powered copywriting, uploading social platforms, is the daily life of young people.

The brand we buy will eventually become our own logo, making up the life we ​​want.

If there are no photos and positioning, who will remember that you have been there?

Checking 88 yuan of milk tea is a potential “superiority” in the social circle of the Internet.

And the younger generation is also the most popular group, willing to pay for virtual consumption. For the identity tag that can be bought for a cup of milk tea, they are willing to cut the order.

In the era of new Chinese tea, the attributes of milk tea are not only limited to quenching thirst, but also embodies the consumer’s pursuit of quality of life. Milk tea is endowed with the value of social and leisure.

Is it crazy to buy tea for 88 yuan?

The “fashion blockbuster” of hi tea / hi tea official micro

There are exquisite girls everywhere in the red street shooting. They have a cup of tea and go shopping. Milk tea has even fashionable attributes and has become a fashion item.

I have to admit that the satisfaction obtained by holding a cup of domineering cat mountain is more than a little bit.

Pursuing “healthy tea”


A few days ago, Xicha also launched a self-service “tea cabinet”. Consumers use the small program to order, after the completion of the production will receive a tea picking code, to the tea shop in the tea cabinet to enter the tea code can take tea, as fast as the express delivery.

The premium of milk tea paid by consumers is partly paid for the beautiful punching environment and the novel buying experience.

In recent years, with the upgrade of consumption, the tea industry has already steadily entered the “30-yuan era”.

Cereal tea has changed from non-rigid to rigid demand. The market share of carbonated drinks and traditional coffee is gradually being replaced by milk tea.

And 88 yuan of milk tea, perhaps a brave attempt of the tea industry head brand, test the price sensitivity and psychological bottom line of consumers.

Just like ten years ago, no one can predict that Maotai could be fired thousands of dollars in China. Is it a revolutionary price subversion to locate a high-priced milk tea with a cup of 88 yuan, or is it a failure?

This challenge has just begun.

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