The Apple Autumn Conference is less than a week away, and next week we will be welcoming new iPhone models. Released, and on the eve of the press conference, the news about Apple’s new hardware and new features began to squeeze into the West and appeared in front of everyone.

Recently, about iOS, Apple Watch, and something Apple has never done before, like anti-lost and AR glasses. Some fresh exposure.

In the first step of saying something new, this time we start with anti-lost devices and AR glasses.

Apple’s new gadgets, anti-lost devices and AR glasses

In fact, in April of this year, foreign media 9to5Mac broke the news that Apple is developing a smart object-like defense like Tile. Lost accessories, recently MacRumors found the clues of this accessory from the iOS beta version, it seems that the possibility of rumors is very real.

▲ Image from: MacRumors

It can be seen in the MacRumors exposure image, this is a small round label with an Apple logo in the middle. Because the exposed picture is too simple, it may not be the real form of the product but just a placeholder, but the final form of the same kind of product is basically a patch of mosquito-repellent size. Apple probably does not exception. .

In addition, MacRumors has found a further description of this accessory in the system “Use B389 to mark your everyday items, no longer They will be lost,” and this “B389” is the code for the product inside Apple.

▲ Image from: MacRumors

Obviously, the “Find My” feature has to be added again, from the beta version of iOS you can see “Find My “News” feature has added an “items” tab to track the location of user items, and the item labels should be customizable.

In addition to the anti-lost accessories, the AR wearables are also found in iOS 13, perhaps Apple’s AR glasses are away We are not as far away as we thought.

In addition, the developer also found a scripting interface called StarBoard AR in the description file, which shows that Apple is developing a project called Garta. AR device.

The developer also found a software called “STARTwster” in the iOS firmware, which allows the iPhone Switch between wearing and holding two forms.

This is very interesting, because from the current news, this AR function is more similar to Google CardBoard. It uses a mobile phone as a display device. It is quite different from the previously mentioned AR glasses hardware.

Although Apple’s news of AR has been continuously released in the past few years, it has been In the acquisition of related companies, but some time ago, it was revealed that Apple has suspended AR glasses development and put team members into other areas.

Although AR glasses may not be able to meet the public in a short period of time, you can still expect Apple to bring some new ways to AR.

For example, if it is combined with the anti-lost accessory above, it will be in the AR and will be in the AR after the item is attached to the anti-lost device. Location to help users quickly find their lost items. Things like the wallet or the meal card are easy to find, and even the AR can be used for navigation.

This may sound a little metaphysical, but it seems that the degree of ecological integration of Apple’s hardware and software is very reasonable.

Apple Watch will add sleep tracking and school mode

In addition to anti-lost devices and AR glasses, some new features of Apple Watch have recently been exposed.

Apple is testing the sleep tracking feature for Apple Watch is not new, as early as February this year, Bloomberg has been exposed The news, a few days ago, Apple Watch’s sleep tracking function has more news exposed.

Apple Watch is not Apple’s first foray into the sleep tracking health field. In May 2017, Apple acquired the Finnish startup Beddit.The company’s direction is to produce sleep track strips, which are sold on Apple’s official website and are also available at the end of 2018.

The sleep tracking feature of Apple Watch will be officially announced at the Apple Autumn Conference next week, and it is likely to be released together. There is a new generation of Apple Watch. However, according to the exposure, this feature does not require any special custom hardware, so it should not be limited to the new can be used, I want to come to most of the old models can enjoy the update.

The internal code of the new feature is called “Burrito” and the function name is “Time in Bed tracking”. If the user has more than one An Apple Watch, you can also choose one of them as your “companion partner.”

When you are asleep, Apple Watch will use multiple sensors to track the quality of your sleep, including you. Physical activity, heart rate and noise levels, etc., related sleep quality data will be displayed in the “Health” app and the “Sleep” app.

In addition, the Sleep app will likely have a dedicated Apple Watch dial similar to the sports interface, which can be viewed at any time. Your sleep data, adjust your schedule according to the situation.

Of course, at the current level of Apple Watch’s battery life, most people may choose to charge at night rather than sleep. In fact, Apple has taken this into consideration, it will remind users to charge in advance, so You can record the user’s sleep when you fall asleep.