Formerly a 200-cent user’s cm show

As Tencent’s first social product, QQ has been 20 years old and has become a social tool and memory for generations. In order not to be swallowed up by the memories that have gradually been sealed, QQ has been innovating and capturing young people with interesting new products.

A few days ago, it was learned that QQ’s first 3D avatar social product “Kayu” was officially launched on the App Store, and the card is also known as the 3D cm show.

Users can log in to the card through their QQ account or WeChat account. After entering the App, you will see that the interface is very simple, mainly including two tabs: “image” and “little nest”. On the right side of the image page, you can see the functions of pinching the face, changing the dress, making the avatar and taking photos. In the corresponding position of the nest page, you can see the four functions of visiting, collecting, decorating and exploring.

The front line| QQ's first pinch-faced product When you use the product, you will find that it has some features of the “ZEPETO” and “Travel Frog”. Among them, pinching, dressing, and decoration are all personalized expressions; photos and visits have the property of making friends; exploration, and novelty of discovering new things. In general, Cathy is further linearizing the individual behavior and dating behavior under the line.

But the difference is that QQ gives the card more social attributes. The card can get the social relationship of QQ, and the avatar set by the user can also be synchronized to QQ. At the same time, users can also invite friends to visit and interact. These may appeal to the loyal users of the centimeter show. Both popular ZEPETO and travel frog games are short-lived because they do not have a stronger social chain to precipitate users.

The front line| QQ's first pinch-faced product

In the two weeks since the official launch on August 16, Cardin’s ranking in the App Store social (free) download list has beenWithin 50, the top one is 11 people.

Speaking of the cm show, many people may not be familiar with it. It is similar to the QQ show on the PC side of the year, mainly for young people, especially young people among young people. Specifically, it is the person from primary school to high school.

Cixiu started beta on January 26, 2016, but the feature was very hidden on QQ and there was no independent entrance. There are two main ways to open this function: one is to search for “cm show” through the QQ search box; the second is the invitation code sent by friends. After opening, it will appear in the chat window, avatar page, profile page and so on. Even so, in November 2017, the number of users of the cm show has reached 200 million.

The front line| QQ's first pinch-faced product Perhaps it is the potential to see the centimeter show attracting young people. At the Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference in May this year, Liang Zhu, vice president of QQ, is responsible for QQ. The release of 3D cm show products in the second half of the year is also an important part of QQ’s young social strategy. He also said that QQ will also launch the card star, which will introduce the most popular and personalized star of young people, and form a more unique fan interaction culture in this 3D virtual world.

The title map is from QQ