Three high-population rice is open to eat, this is the latest and most striking remarks of Gregory Chairman Dong Mingzhu.

At the recent 40th anniversary of the establishment of the China Quality Association, Ms. Dong advertised her own rice cooker:

We made the rice cooks of the three high people. If you have people with high blood sugar, you can open my WeChat and go to my micro shop to buy the rice cooks of the three high people, to ensure that you are open to eat, blood sugar does not rise.

As the saying goes: Things can be eaten indiscriminately. Miss Dong’s words came out, and another piece of blood on the Internet.

First of all, Miss Dong’s cowhide has been blown a bit too much. What kind of black technology is used in Gree’s rice cooker, and the fact that the main ingredient of rice is carbohydrate is not changed, and carbohydrates are especially needed for diabetics. The substance, open to eat is obviously impossible, and even if it is grazing, blood sugar will definitely rise.

It’s not open to eat, but I think it’s exaggerated. After all, advertising is not exaggerated. However, Miss Dong’s advertisement was not qualified, and the slogan spread. The specific product was not known, so everyone initially targeted the hypoglycemic rice cooker, but the hypoglycemic rice cooker is not a new concept. It is already a standard for every white goods brand.

The so-called hypoglycemic rice cooker does not mean lowering blood sugar, but is said to lower the glycemic index (GI) of rice. In other words, the rice made with the hypoglycemic rice cooker has a smaller GI. How did you do it?

▲ Schematic diagram of a hypoglycemic rice cooker

The rice contains two kinds of starch, amylose and amylopectin. The former is low in GI, the latter is high in GI but soluble in water at high temperature. The hypoglycemic rice cooker uses this principle to cook the rice to a half-boiled and drained rice. Rice soup containing more amylopectin, and then continue to cook the rice with steam of rice soup, so that the rice retains more amylose to reduce the GI. That’s right, it’s a more automated method of cooking.

In principle, the hypoglycemic rice cooker can actually reduce the GI of rice, but there are also shortcomings such as poor taste and loss of nutrients in rice. The effect may not be as good as eating coarse grains directly. The three high populations want to satisfy their appetite or increase their dietary choices. It’s not bad, but I hope to rely on it to lower blood sugar or lose weight, or save it.

However, this year, the news always has to wait for a reversal.

Gree said that our hypoglycemic rice cookers are different.

When Miss Dong was ridiculed by the group, Gree official microblogging was an Copper Respond, explain that Miss Dong said that it is not a hypoglycemic rice cooker. Gree sells a rice cooker that can cook brown rice sprouted rice (here, the product name is not given to Gree).

Brown rice germinated rice, as the name implies, is a rice cooked with germinated brown rice. As one of the coarse grains, brown rice is the low-GI food we mentioned earlier, but the taste is definitely worse than the polished white rice.The buds of brown rice can be a god, not only improve the taste, but also produce a lot of nutritious γ-aminobutyric acid during the germination process. In short, there is no advertised brown rice that advertisers blow so gods. I dare not pack tickets, but are listed as One ​​of the key products for the development of grain and oil processing industry in China’s 11th Five-Year Plan is still very good at demonstrating its value.

Slowly, it seems that Gree’s so-called “brown rice germination rice rice cooker” clearly plays a role in rice, what does it have to do with rice cookers?

In fact, although the brown rice germinated rice is good, the production process is rather troublesome. It usually takes 17-41 hours after soaking in water, high temperature germination, water change, drying, etc. Gree this rice cooker claims to be a key. Cook the brown rice sprouted rice in just 4 hours. Although it takes 4 hours to cook a meal, the technical content seems to be higher than the ordinary hypoglycemic rice cooker.

In terms of nutrition and health value, brown rice germinated rice is more suitable for three high populations than ordinary white rice, but for the three high populations or ordinary people, the key to maintaining stable blood sugar levels is to control the total amount of carbohydrate intake. Brown rice germinated rice is good, open to eat is also a problem. Losing weight is good, lowering blood sugar, and keeping your mouth open is the truth that has been tested.

So, rice can’t be eaten indiscriminately, and Miss Dong’s words can’t be talked about.

The title map is from: Unsplash