Life is not easy, so cherish yourself.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Glass-American Beauty” (ID : crystal_words), author Zhao Xiaoli.

Writing in the front:

A few days ago, the news of a woman in Nanchang catching the bus was on the hot search.

Things are like this:

A woman drove her car with illness and fell down again and again. She was helped by the kind driver.

Because I don’t want to be deducted from the 300 yuan full attendance award, even if my body is extremely weak, I still refuse to get off the bus.

The driver was helpless and had to call the police.

Buy the bus for 300 full attendance awards: Adults who are not hiding their grievances and paying for their choices?

This news came out and made many people cry.

As one netizen said, who would choose to be so unbearable if it was not forced by life?

But what I want to say is that it is because of embarrassment, pain, and suffering that we have to be more personal and to live a true life.

For the 300 full-time awards to catch the bus: Adults who are not hiding their grievances, pay for their choice?


What is the most bitter thing about this world?

There may be a lot of

, but going to work is definitely one of them.


Because the essence of working is to sell time, and in the time of selling, you have to accept a series of supervision and control, no freedom.

Speaking of this topic, I thought of an experience I had many years ago.

Buy the bus for 300 full attendance awards: adults who are not hiding their grievances and paying for their choices?

One afternoon, I went to the special account of the tax bureau to do things. It was almost 4:30 in the afternoon. The company was off work at six o’clock. I counted it. If I went back to the company, it was almost half past five.

I just had my rhinitis in the past few days, and the whole head was dizzy, so I didn’t think much at the time. I went to the hospital to hang up after finishing the matter.

The next morning, I was called by the boss to the office and asked me where I went yesterday afternoon.

My head glimpsed, and I said that I went to the tax bureau to do things, and I made a special report to the administrative department when I went out.

I didn’t expect the boss to say: “What time is it when you leave the tax office?”

Buy the bus for 300 full attendance awards: Adults who are not hiding their grievances and paying for their choices?

Original, the boss specially called the special manager to ask me when I left, and I honestly said that I was going to see a doctor.

“Do you know? Every minute you pay for me…I pay you every minute!”

The boss has specifically raised the trick and repeated it several times “I pay you every minute!” (your every minute I paid for it).

The result of this incident is: the company took me from the tax office (4:30 pm) to the next hour (6:00 pm), and completed the one-and-a-half-hour period, deducted from the salary according to the 1.5-fold salary standard, and Deduct the full attendance award for the month.

I was full of grievances at the time and felt that the boss was too harsh, but afterwards I thought about it. Perhaps this is the helplessness of the migrant workers.

Like the old accountant Zhang Jie (pseudonym) in the company said: “In the face of rules and regulations, we only have to comply; because working is your choice, you can only pay for your choice.


As my life experience increased, I gradually became acquainted with some “alternative” people who got rid of the shackles of going to work and lived into another look.

Sister Luo (pseudonym) is something I have inadvertently known.

At that time, my girlfriend and I came to a clothing store, and I was quickly attracted by the unique style. The owner Luo sister seemed to be not enthusiastic about us, and I was ironing myself.

My girlfriend looked at a chic little shirt and asked if the price was not expensive. When the girlfriend tried to counter-offer, Luo Jie came up with a sentence: “Is there a word on the wall? I declined the counter-offer. I am reporting the actual price, and I am too lazy to counter-offer. If you feel it is appropriate, take it away. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think it is appropriate to buy it.”

My girlfriend whispered to me: “Wow, the first time I met such a personality owner, I like it.”

Slowly, we got acquainted with Luo.

Buy the bus for 300 full attendance awards: Adults who are not hiding their grievances and paying for their choices?

It turns out that Luo Jie is a student of indoor design (no wonder she has a unique vision in clothes and store decoration). Since she was a child, she has done a design job, and working overtime has become a common practice.

She knows that every company has a strict management system, but considering her own physical and endurance, one of the requirements she applied for is quite amazing: “At least at the end of each year Guarantee a two-week vacation, with no pay.”

Sister Luo told me that this is her bottom line.

But the reality is that many companies can’t accept the conditions for her opening, or some companies just started to promise well, but by the end of the year, they will not be allowed to take vacation on the grounds of busy business, and then Luo will resign. Walk away, go backpacking to the field for a while, and then find a job again after the end of the year.

On one occasion, Luo Jie was completely disheartened and never wanted to go to work anymore.

Buy the bus for 300 full attendance awards: Adults who are not hiding their grievances and paying for their choices?

On that day, Luo Jie had a high fever in the hospital. The boss reminded her of the company one by one. Originally, the customer was negotiating business with the company. Since the drawings were designed by Luo Jie and are more important orders, Luo Jie must be present. .

Rosie did not say anything, took the starting bottle and went to the company.

The result of this incident is that the company won the order, but the boss not only did not read the feelings of Luo, but said that Luo’s physical fitness is too poor, and may not be able to adapt to the company’s future business development. It is.

Sister Luo swears and vows not to work anymore.

The designer’s professional experience made Luo’s sister pay a sum of money.

She took out the money and bought a small shop along the street, so she started the clothing business.

She said that because the shop was bought by herself, so there is not much pressure on rent, Luo sister is not greedy, I feel that as long as the money is enough to spend, so her clothes price is real, plus unique style There are gradually many repeat customers.

In this way, she opens the door at noon every day, fights at 8 o’clock in the evening, and gives herself three vacations a year. During this time, she finds an acquaintance to look at the store, and she travels with her backpack.

I still remember the signature of Luo Jie QQ: “Choose your love, love you.”

This is the first time I have been working for many years, and I have known the different lifestyles and the weight of choice.


I began to embark on a long journey of exploring myself.

The most fascinating years, I gradually figured out a problem, that is:

Since there are thousands of ways to live, why do we have to tie ourselves to work? Especially if you are doing a job that you don’t like and are not good at, isn’t it a huge consumption and waste of your life?

Undoubtedly, today’s mainstream business community is more pragmatic and rational, but at the same time, for those who are emotionally dominant, the traditional business workplace environment is not good for them.

For example, for people with introverted emotional traits, whether the work can meet the inner values ​​and whether the heart is recognized and accepted is a more important factor than the salary and treatment of the work itself.

When they make decisions, they don’t fully consider the elements of reason. On the contrary, inner feelings and emotions are what they value and maintain.

The former Luo sister is an emotionally oriented person.

Buy the bus for 300 full attendance awards: Adults who are not hiding their grievances and paying for their choices?

In the workplace, they are more concerned about whether there are humanistic care factors in the corporate culture, such as whether to treat people as people, whether to give employees the necessary respect and understanding, and so on.

For such people, when they choose a career, they must have essential differences and differences with rational people.

Everyone has a path that suits them. Many organizations, including companies, are gradually aware of these issues. However, the improvement of the overall employment environment is a huge social project that requires a long time and process. .

So, the urgent task before you and me is to know yourself and make plans and preparations before you can get out of trouble early.


I have always argued that each of us needs to actively explore ourselves and open up other possibilities for ourselves.

1. Know yourself as soon as possible and take the initiative to resist the temptations around you;

The Internet era provides us with great convenienceAt the same time, it also brought us a huge temptation.

First of all, we need to understand ourselves to form a certain vision and find a suitable direction for development.

Secondly, the use of spare time is different, leading to different fate trends.

Finally, whether it’s a spare time to learn a skill or a development hobby, we all need to resist the temptations around us, such as reducing ineffective social and gatherings, and so on.

2, do a good job first;

For what we can’t do now, let’s not worry, let’s start with what we can do.

For example, if you want to develop in the field of parent-child education, you can learn first, then participate in activities, do a good job of sharing, and when it comes to water, you may be able to open up new horizons.

Buy the bus for 300 full attendance awards: Adults who are not hiding their grievances and paying for their choices?

3, develop the habit of saving;

As the saying goes, there is money in your pocket, and you don’t panic.

It is not wrong to reasonably plan your own expenses and develop the habit of saving in order to prevent unexpected needs and make some material reserves and accumulation for your future.

4. Don’t overdo it in the first place;

A lot of people think a lot when they don’t start, and they scare themselves away.

Mr. Lu Xun once said: “Even if the genius, the first cry of the birth, like the ordinary children, will never be a good poem.”

This sentence reveals that the law of the development of things is slowly moving from maturity to maturity.

Buy the bus for 300 full attendance awards: Adults who are not hiding their grievances and paying for their choices?

When you start to try, there must be such dissatisfaction. This is normal. What you need to do is give yourself some time and patience and do it slowly.

Trust me, when you are fully committed to doing something, you will find out after a while that you have come a long way.

Because the change happens unconsciously in action.

I hope that one day, we don’t have to drag it for a few hundred yuan full attendance award.Going to work;I hope that one day, we can qualify to say “no” to work or life that we don’t like;I hope that one day, everyone can bloom Own, fresh colors.

The above.