On October 13, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province issued the “Second Batch of Reference Prices for Second-hand Housing Transaction in Residential Districts”, involving 103 communities. The most expensive transaction reference price is the Tiandiyuan Fenglinyishu Community, located at 25,838 yuan per square meter in the high-tech zone; the lowest price is the Puhua Qianshuiwan Community, located in Baqiao District, at 12008 yuan per square meter.

The Zhuge Housing Search Data Research Center told the news that since Xi’an introduced the second-hand housing reference price mechanism in July this year, the popularity of the second-hand housing market has declined, and the average market price has since Since July, it has fallen for three consecutive months, but the price decline has been relatively small, and the average price of the second-hand housing market has remained stable. The second batch of second-hand housing reference prices are released this time. On the one hand, because the first batch of second-hand housing reference prices do play a certain role, but some popular sectors and popular communities still have prices that are inflated, the control area needs to be continuously expanded to promote the false highs. Listings were removed, further promoting the stability of housing prices. On the other hand, this is conducive to improving the transparency of information in the second-hand housing market, giving both parties to the housing transaction a more reasonable reference basis, stabilizing market expectations, and reducing the occurrence of speculative real estate speculation.

Data from Zhuge’s housing search show that the average price per square meter in the second-hand housing market in Xi’an in July, August and September was 15,435 yuan, 15,406 yuan and 15,316 yuan respectively. Yuan.

Three months ago, on July 9, Xi’an announced the first batch of 102 residential second-hand housing transaction reference prices, the reference price range is 8894 yuan / square meter ~ 23755 Yuan/square meter.

In its monthly report summarizing the Xi’an property market in July, Centaline Real Estate pointed out that after the introduction of the guide price for second-hand housing, the original “primary and second-hand price difference” was suppressed, reducing speculators Market expectations, and the decrease in second-hand housing has prompted customers who just need to flock to the new home market; the sale of second-hand housing is blocked, liquidity is weakened, and the improvement of “sell one buy one” customer demand is suppressed. Since then, Centaline Property’s August monthly report released on September 9 showed that in the past two months since the introduction of second-hand housing guidance prices, transaction prices have fallen for two consecutive months. New low during the year.