On October 13, at the 2021 Shanghai International Biopharmaceutical Industry Week Lingang New Film Division Forum, Auscom, Kangsino, Yixin Medical, Zhenge Biological, Jingfeng Medical, Huiyi Technology, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Ruier, Pharmaceutical Twenty-four key biomedical industry projects including Ming Biology have landed in the Lingang New Area of ​​Shanghai Free Trade Zone, with a total investment of 14.7 billion yuan.

This contracted project covers precision diagnosis, immunotherapy, gene therapy, high-end medical devices, vaccines, small molecule drug development, CRO/CDMO and other fields. Press the “fast forward button” for the characteristic and cluster development of the biomedical industry in the Gangxin area. Among them, the research and development of CanSino innovative vaccine The total investment of the production base project is 1.5 billion yuan. CanSino has established a research and development pipeline of 16 vaccines covering 13 infectious diseases. This time, it is located in Lingang New Area to build an innovative vaccine research and development and production base project to accelerate the construction of synthetic biology vaccine technology platform, innovative vaccine research and development and industry change.

For this contract, Qiu Dongxu, chairman of CanSino (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., told News (www.thepaper.cn), “We are currently All related projects are located in Lingang, including the mRNA vaccine related to the new crown, as well as other innovative vaccines based on mRNA technology. We will also deploy R&D and production here in the future.”

Auscon’s new technology R&D and production base project has a total investment of 3 billion yuan. Auscon intends to establish a production base in the Lingang New Area to provide customers at home and abroad with one-stop services from gene fragments to listed drugs And new technology development.

Yixin Medical’s global R&D and production headquarters project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan. Yixin Medical has selected the Lingang New Area to carry out the R&D and industrialization of 15 products under research in the fields of structural heart, heart failure, and coronary artery.

The total investment of the global R&D and production headquarters project of Zhenge Biology is 1.05 billion yuan. As a CDMO technical service provider for macromolecular biopharmaceuticals, Zhenge Bio will build a global R&D headquarters and industrialization base based on the existing core technology platform to boost and accelerate the development and industrialization of macromolecular biopharmaceuticals by domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

Jingfeng Medical’s Lingang R&D and production base project has a total investment of 700 million yuan. Jingfeng MedicalAt the same time, it has mastered the technology of single-hole surgical robot and multi-hole surgical robot, and plans to build a surgical robot project integrating R&D, production, display and training in the Lingang New Area.

The total investment of Yuanqi Biologics tumor immunotherapy Lingang production base project is 2.8 billion yuan. Yuanqi Biological is committed to the research and development of innovative and efficient cellular immune tumor treatment products, and plans to establish the production of under-research products and the research and development of new products in the Lingang New Area.

This signing activity is also the second concentrated signing activity for the biomedicine special session of the Lingang New Area in the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Lingang New Area is building an international biomedical industry cluster area integrating R&D, production, testing, display and other functions. The “Life Blue Bay”, a pioneering area for the biomedical industry, is the “1+5+X” of Shanghai’s biomedical industry. An important part of.

Since its establishment in August 2019, more than 80 projects in the biomedical industry in the new area have been implemented, with a total investment of about 41 billion yuan. The projects cover innovative biological drugs, key Vaccines, high-end medical equipment, CRO/CDMO services and other fields. Among them, the total contracted investment in 2021 will exceed 20 billion yuan, becoming an important growth pole for Shanghai’s biomedical industry.

According to the “14th Five-Year Plan” for the biomedical industry in the Lingang New Area, by 2025, the Lingang New Area will basically be built to integrate innovative strategies and high-end manufacturing. The biomedicine innovation industry highland, and will strive to become a new engine and new growth pole for boosting Shanghai’s biomedical industry economy in the future.

By the end of 2025, the scale of the biomedicine industry in Lingang New Area will exceed 50 billion yuan, of which the main business income of the manufacturing industry is not less than 30 billion yuan, and biomedicine will be concentrated at the same time. There are 200 related enterprises and institutions, no less than 10 billion-level enterprises have been cultivated, and no less than 10 domestic top 100 medical enterprises have been introduced.

Qiu Dongxu said that Cansino chose to locate the project in Lingang, mainly because of the “gathering of a large number of biomedical companies” in the new Lingang area, and many cooperative companies are also present. Settled in Lingang, it is convenient to understand the latest industry information and cooperate with the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. At the same time, Shanghai has obvious advantages in talent reserve, and Lingang has done a good job in retaining talents. “The Lingang New Area Management Committee and Life Blue Bay set up a team to serve us and solve the project implementation problem, which made us feel the speed of Lingang.”