The State Council Information Office held a regular policy briefing on the afternoon of October 13 to introduce the supply of energy security this winter and the next spring and answer questions from reporters.

The Deputy Director of the National Energy Administration, Yu Bing, introduced at the meeting that the National Energy Administration is actively working with relevant departments and key coal-producing provinces to refine measures and make every effort to do a good job. Work to increase coal production and supply. Recently, the daily output of coal has stabilized at more than 11.2 million tons, an increase of 800,000 tons from before the National Day, creating a new high since February this year. From the perspective of key coal-producing regions, the average daily coal production of Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Mongolia has exceeded 8 million tons, playing the role of large provinces and large mines.

In the next step, the National Energy Administration will continue to coordinate production and supply guarantees, safety and environmental protection, pay close attention to coal production, actively coordinate the outstanding issues in the process of increasing production and supply, and strive to release quality Production capacity and effective production capacity to ensure that coal production remains stable at a relatively high level this winter and next spring. The focus is to keep an eye on large coal-producing provinces with large production capacity and mines, give full play to the role of pillars and main force, and urge continuous production stabilization in provinces with high production capacity utilization and reach production capacity, and ensure safe production to avoid production fluctuations due to safety accidents. . For provinces and regions with low capacity utilization rates and potential for increasing production, we will promptly supervise and guide them, and help solve practical difficulties, increase production as soon as possible, and achieve safe production and supply increases.

At the meeting, a foreign media reporter asked whether China’s policy to promote support for coal production will always exist? Will it affect the realization of the national dual-carbon goal? Zhao Chenxin, a member of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Party Group and Secretary-General, responded that according to China’s resource endowment, coal has always played an important role in ensuring the country’s energy security. “The recent release of advanced coal production capacity has released legal and compliant coal mines. This release is promoted in accordance with market-oriented and rule-of-law methods. Relevant policies have always insisted that the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources. Give full play to the role of the government.”

Zhao Chenxin said that China has the ability to ensure a safe and stable supply of energy, and it can also make overall plans to achieve the set goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. .