Problem description: Hello, doctor. What are these strips of red like congestion on the inner thighs for months, but occasionally I feel a little itchy. What are the symptoms and what kind of medicine should I apply? Only valid
Question date:2021-05-09
Patient information:Age: 23 years old Gender: Male
Question Analysis: Hello, it is best to upload a picture to have a look. If it is striped, there is no obvious pain and discomfort, the duration is relatively long, and occasionally itching, it is most likely to be growth lines, also called obesity lines.
Guidance suggestion: It belongs to a kind of skin pattern formed by excessive weight gain in a short period of time, and accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which leads to the breakage of the subcutaneous and loose connective tissue. It has little effect on health. The most important thing is to control weight and lose weight locally. If you are worried about beauty, you can go to a dermatologist and prescribe some medications. For example, tretinoin cream and so on.
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