Problem description: When I was sleeping, my ears were itchy, so I took it out. I accidentally got the mosquito in. Then I took it out with my hand. It didn’t come out. I felt that there was a mosquito moving in the shallower part of the ear. I opened my ears for a while, and then there was no movement. I didn’t know if the mosquitoes came out, so I used an ear pick to dig, but nothing was dug out.
Question date:2021- 05-09
Patient information: Age: 21 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis: Hello, I am your doctor. How long is this situation? NS? Did you go to the hospital?
Guiding suggestion: In this case, it is recommended to go to the hospital and take it out with an otoscope.
Suggestion is for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital Detailed inspection