Encircle the user and intensively work.

In the advertising and marketing industry, business owners have a famous slogan: “I have half of my advertising costs was wasted, but I don’t know where I was wasting.” In the past, due to the limitation of digital level, advertising marketing effects were difficult to quantify and measure. How much budget has brought about the transformation of real money and silver, and how much budget has become a “smashing fireworks” that is not so popular. It is impossible to know. With the advancement of marketing channel digital technology, the effect is becoming an increasingly clear percentage.

Technology development is a sufficient condition for the trend of product efficiency. The online traffic dividends are bottomed out, and the competition for offline traffic competition is also extremely fierce. This is a necessary condition for business owners to pursue product and efficiency. Touching customers to carry out refined operations is the immediate need of business operations.

Recently contacted projects “Group Pulse” It is a technical service provider that provides global traffic operation platforms and tools for medium and large retail enterprises. The group is born out of the US software technology company Qunshuo Software, which was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. It has R&D bases in Shanghai and Wuhan, China, which provide software products and solutions for digital transformation of enterprises.

Provide an omni-channel user operating platform,

Group Pulse SCRM was originally the division of QunSuo Software Co., and officially became an independent company in June 2019. Qunshuo Software holds a stake in Group VMRM. Zhou Ping, founder and CEO of Group Pulse SCRM, explained that the group’s team has been developing related products in 2015, but the market demand has not yet appeared in large numbers. The concept of new retail in 2017 has been widely discussed and accepted, and retail enterprises are also clear. Recognizing the importance of multi-channel customer management and operation, coupled with the product system of the group has been established and served a number of large customers, the time for large-scale marketing has arrived, so the group decided to set up an independent company to operate.

Group Pulse SCRM currently provides technical products and operational related value-added services to more than 30 companies, including maternal and child products, medical health, consumer electronics and other industries. Representative customers include Unilever, Master Kong, Kass, Ingrams, etc. , serving more than 100 million end consumers. According to the introduction, Qunmai has been serving the first customer since 2015, and the customer renewal rate has been 100% so far.

Providing an omni-channel user operation platform,

Group Service Product Service Architecture

In terms of products and service systems, the Group has completed the overall construction, from infrastructure, PaaS platform, SaaS products, value-added service operation system to industry solutions, all of which are mature products.

The SaaS platform of Qunmai mainly has two product systems: Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

  • CDP products enable companies to do omni-channel user connections and data precipitation and analysis. Channels for CDP products include e-commerce platforms, offline stores and event portals, and social platforms. User data will be deposited in the customer’s data platform, integrated into a unified user portrait, depicting dimensions including basic member attribute data, behavior data, transaction data, etc., on the basis of which value analysis will be carried out for precise marketing of thousands of people. lay the foundation.

Provide an omni-channel user operating platform,

Group of customer images

  • CEP products are based on the CDP platform, mainly serving the real-time interaction between brands and consumers, providing customers with a series of refined operational tools through social Automated marketing automation enables customers to achieve growth and private domain operations, increase customer sales conversion rates through private domain traffic retail conversions, and increase customer satisfaction through omni-channel customer service.

However, the sword has to work and it has to be passed on to those who can wave it.

To ensure that corporate customers can quickly experience product value, Group Pulse also provides customers with operational-related value-added services. becomeAfter the customer of the group, the implementation cycle ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month. For customers with operational service needs, Group Pulse will be equipped with project managers to help customers coordinate the development, data analysts and product resources required for operational activities. One project manager will serve an average of 2-3 customers and the bandwidth can be expanded. At present, there are more than 40 operational service teams in the group.

The group’s billing method is the basic SaaS+paid function module + value-added service, and the customer unit price ranges from several hundred thousand to several million per year.

Zhou Ping told this group that the focus of this year’s development is to strengthen the marketing and sales team building, speed up the market expansion, and will target customers from large retail enterprises to medium-sized retail enterprises, focusing on maternal and child, medical health, consumer electronics The industry provides total solutions for different segments of the industry based on standard products.

Team, Zhou Ping, founder and CEO of Group Pulse, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a computer science major. He has more than 20 years of experience in complex software projects. He has led the mobile internet strategy of WeightWatchers in China and has developed various fashions with SAP. Consumer apps in the fields of medicine, sports, etc.

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