You can also use Apple Music without Apple hardware.

After being split from iTunes, Apple Music has a new action.

September 6th message, According to tech site TechCrunch, Apple released a new web version of Apple Music, which is now available, and subscribers can log in to Apple Music on their browser without having to install an app.

Apple also said that new users will be able to register directly on the webpage in the future, which undoubtedly lowers the user’s usage threshold and can be used on non-Apple platforms such as Windows.

Before Apple also launched the web version of Apple Music, but the function is relatively simple, only provide preview preview, and this latest web version will contain all the core features of Apple Music, such as search, play directory and personal music library Songs and support for dark mode. Other streaming music service platforms Spotify, Amazon Music has already provided a web version, and the full-form Apple Music web version of Shanshan is late.

At present, Apple Music has exceeded 60 million users; Spotify has reached 108 million paid users in the second quarter of this year, and the number of monthly active users reached 232 million. In March of this year, Spotify also filed a lawsuit against the European Union, saying that Apple used the dominant position of the App Store to support its own Apple Music service. In the field of music services, the competition between Apple Music and the giant Spotify will be even more difficult to understand.

Apple announced at this year’s World Developers Conference (WWDC) that iTunes is split into three applications: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV, which build content services in music, podcasts, and video.

At this spring’s press conference, Apple rarely released any hardware products, but launched Apple TV+ (video subscription service), Apple News+ (magazine subscription service), Apple Arcade (game subscription service) and so on. A new range of services. Apple Q3 financial report shows that the service business revenue was 11.455 billion US dollars, accounting for 21% of total revenue, becoming the iPhone businessThe second pillar of the business.

However, Apple’s subscription service has been tied to the iPhone, iPad, Mac and other hardware. This is Apple’s strategy of integrating its own ecosystem. The advantage is that it can attract users to buy Apple hardware devices, but the disadvantage is that it may lose potential. user group.

This time Apple launched the Apple Music web version, or tried to expand the subscription service to non-Apple platforms to attract more users. At present, Apple Music adopts a paid subscription method. The monthly subscription price in the US is about 9.9 US dollars, which basically meets the industry standard of 10 USD/month, which can bring a continuous source of income for Apple.

The launch of the web version and the unbundling of Apple hardware are new growth points and a new attempt by Apple to compete with Spotify and Amazon Music.