On October 18, Beijing time, data released by the US Treasury Department showed that in August this year, the size of US debt held by Japan rose to US$1.3198 trillion, and the size of China’s holdings fell to US$1.047 trillion.

In August this year, Japan increased its holdings of U.S. debt by US$9.6 billion to US$1.3198 trillion, and is still the largest creditor nation in the United States. Japan surpassed China to become the largest creditor nation of the United States in June 2019, and it remains today.

In August this year, China significantly reduced its holdings by US$21.3 billion to US$1.047 trillion, and remains the second largest creditor of the United States. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to a slight increase of US$6.4 billion to US$1.0683 trillion in its holdings in July this year, China has previously reduced its holdings of US debt for four consecutive months. Billion US dollars, the scale of reduction in May was 17.7 billion US dollars, and the scale of reduction in June was 6.5 billion US dollars. China has reduced its holdings of U.S. debt for five consecutive months in 2020. According to Bloomberg statistics, after the substantial reduction in August this year, China’s holdings in US debt hit the lowest level since 2010.

The United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland rank three to five among the major holders of U.S. debt. The United Kingdom increased its holdings by US$20.5 billion to US$569 billion in August this year, and its position is the third largest holder of US debt. Ireland increased its holdings slightly by US$6.4 billion to US$326.1 billion in August this year, and remains the fourth largest creditor of the United States. In August this year, Switzerland slightly reduced its holdings by US$3.6 billion to US$294.7 billion, making it the fifth largest holder of US debt.

In general, foreign holders held US$7.56 trillion in U.S. debt in August this year, an increase of US$12.8 billion compared to July, and the holdings continued. It rose in 5 months and hit a record high.