The exchange rate of the RMB against the US dollar ushered in a wave of upward trend in the offshore and onshore markets.

On October 19th, the offshore renminbi against the U.S. dollar, which reflects the expectations of international investors, rose through the 6.42, 6.41, and 6.40 barriers, reaching the highest value of 6.3973 as of press time. , Appreciated by more than 300 basis points during the day, setting a new 4-month high since mid-June. On the shore market, the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar is equally large rise.

On October 19, the spot exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar opened at 6.4250 and broke through the two barriers of 6.42 and 6.41, reaching as high as 6.4017. China Foreign Exchange Trading Center data show, October On the 19th, the central parity of the renminbi against the U.S. dollar reported at 6.4307, a 7 basis point depreciation. The median price of the previous trading day was reported at 6.4300, the closing price of onshore RMB at 16:30 was reported at 6.4345, and the closing price at 23:30 at night was 6.4294.