In the short-term, advertising and “making a festival” are only means to attract users to consume; in the long run, it is actually a bargaining chip for the new oxygen to gain the industry’s right to speak and lead the second half.

The heart of beauty is all there. The economy of the face value represented by “good-looking” and “beauty” has become the mainstream trend of the current society. As one of the branches of the Yan value economy, the medical beauty industry is taking the wind straight.

In May of this year, the new oxygen technology (NASDAQ: SY), which was founded less than 6 years ago, landing on NASDAQ, became Internet medical beauty first. On August 29th, New Oxygen released the latest financial report, display this year, Q2 new oxygen contributed to the total medical service transaction amount of 892.9 million yuan, Compared with the same period of last year, it increased by 81.9%; realized revenue of 285 million yuan, an increase of 87.3% over the same period of last year; net profit of 29.3 million yuan, an increase of 230%.

This is also the new oxygen in the 2017 turnaround, its revenue for 10 consecutive quarters to maintain a sustained quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year growth.

Evenly, the new oxygen has not dared to slack off in robbing users and traffic: following the large-scale launch of elevator advertising, building advertising, and outdoor large-screen advertising from last year to the present; now a series of < a href="">E-commerce festival activities, the institutions on the joint platform, attracting users through subsidies and benefits Make consumption. There is a status quo that cannot be ignored. The enthusiasm of the giants for medical beauty has entered an unprecedented state of high.

Intensified competition in the industry, the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the high cost of passenger traffic, and the supervision of the platform itself are still a shackle in front of medical and aesthetic enterprises, and the variables of the track still exist.

The giants are accelerating, and the Internet medical beauty enters the second half.

Behind the rapid rise of new oxygen is actually a full-scale outbreak of the $100 billion blue ocean market.

No one will let this big cake go. In recent years, especially this year, Ali, Jingdong, Meituan, Baidu, Suning and other giants, as well as old-fashioned Internet medical companies such as Lilac Park, have also begun to launch “offensive” and increase their actions in the field of medical beauty.

  • On September 3, Ali Health joined forces with many medical and beauty industry brands, medical institutions and service providers, and releasedTmall medical beauty “rejuvenation plan”, and the “reassuring and beauty” alliance established with industry partners.

  • In January, the US Mission jointly launched the “Genuine Alliance” jointly with the upstream medical and beauty drug brands and distribution agencies.

  • In May, Jingdong and Gao Demei signed a contract to express a benign ecosystem for the medical and aesthetic industry;

  • In May, Baidu launched a lemon beauty platform, which is positioned as a network service platform integrating beauty sharing community and beauty service organizations. It is similar to the “Little Red Book + Public Comment” mode.

The challenge of new oxygen is constantly escalating.

In this regard, Xinxing Chairman and CEO Jin Xing said, “It is a good phenomenon for Internet giants to enter the medical beauty. This shows that people are more and more able to look at the medical and aesthetic industry with a normal eye. New oxygen has been in this industry for 6 years. Most of the time, the society is wearing colored glasses. The entry of large companies just proves that medical beauty is a very promising sunrise industry in the future.”

According to the development track of the Internet industry, the Internet medical beauty platform has bid farewell to the barbaric growth stage, and the industry is about to enter the second half.

New Oxygen

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There is a competition with many giants, what is the base of new oxygen?

Venus said that the most consumers in the medical and aesthetic industry are decision-making. “This decision is not what we recommend consumers to make choices, but the accumulation of word-of-mouth evaluations of a large number of consumers on the platform. We have accumulated six years. Only now has such an order of magnitude.” In addition, in the popular platform, users will have a lot of pressure to share the medical beauty; in the vertical community platform, users share more willingness.

The precipitation of the above content and services brings a more professional atmosphere and more focused users. The platform can achieve the matching of people and goods, and this is precisely the need for high-stakes and decision-making areas like medical beauty. of.

Compared with housing transactions, OTAs, used car sales, etc. with the same industry attributes, the giant’s business is not excellent, but insteadVertical platforms such as chain home, Ctrip, and melon seeds stand out and become the head of the industry. Similarly, as a vertical platform, neo-oxygen has its natural professional advantages.

For the giants, it is difficult to guide user behaviors at the moment because of technical operations; and they have long been cultivating high-frequency low-single-single areas, and their traffic and capital advantages are not necessarily in the low-frequency high-sales medical and aesthetic industry. Useful place. An entrepreneur who opened a chain of medical clinics in second-tier cities said, “Tmall has a lot of traffic, but there is not much left in the medical beauty, and the lack of professional services, the marketing brought to the organization. Or the value of the diversion is very limited.”

As a result, new oxygen is still far ahead in the vertical field of medical beauty. According to the Frost & Sullivan report, in China’s medical beauty APP market share, new oxygen accounted for 84.1%. According to media reports, in June 2019, the number of new oxygen monthly users reached 2.56 million, which has become the second largest Internet medical platform in the country.

New oxygen’s “breakthrough” approach, occupying the user’s mind

However, a temporary lead in data does not mean that brand recognition will definitely win. Internet medical platforms such as Good Doctor Online and Chun Yu Doctor have also been in the industry for many years.

In the face of increasingly fierce competition, the new oxygen took the lead in launching an attack. In addition to the long-term large-scale centralized advertising bombing, New Oxygen also launched the “99 Phi Phi Festival” large-scale promotion activities in September, and carried out “medical beauty and festivals”, etc., to rapidly expand the scale of users and occupy the “ambition” of the user’s mind. A spot.

New Oxygen

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Some media interpret this as: The shuffling battle in the medical beauty industry has started. This series of actions is a saturation attack in the time window.

The word “saturation attack” comes from the founder of Focus Media, Jiang Nanchun. He believes that technology leadership, business model innovation, scale advantages, etc. can generally provide 3 or 6 for a company.Months but no more than a year’s time window, which is the time window for preempting the minds of consumers. To achieve this, we must initiate a saturation attack and preempt the consumer’s mind.

In the second-hand car market, for example, everyone’s car is preemptive and temporarily leading; but the key node is high-frequency and heavy-duty, so that the used car is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and has established its leading position in the industry. Therefore, the action in the time window is related to the survival of the brand. Both medical beauty and used cars are areas of heavy decision-making and high-stakes orders. To some extent, the development trajectory of their industries will be relatively close.

At present, Chinese medical beauty has entered the era of universality. According to the “2019 Medical Aesthetics White Paper” released by New Oxygen, the consumption of Chinese medical beauty in 2019 will exceed that of the United States, Brazil, Japan, Korea and the United States, ranking first in the world; but the penetration of the city has just entered the secondary city, and The vast market space supports high growth; in 2019, the proportion of consumer users in new first-tier cities surpassed that of first-tier cities for the first time. In the next five years, the proportion of consumer users in second-tier cities will overtake new first-tier cities.

In summary, the early education of the medical and aesthetic emerging markets has been completed, more and more people accept medical beauty, and consume medical beauty, and the time window for landing has arrived. Therefore, the new oxygen with more capital reserves has increased the advertising and opening of the festival to enhance the user’s stickiness and brand penetration, and to comply with the Matthew effect of the Chinese Internet.

More importantly, medical beauty is also a high-price, low-permeability industry. Even though the Chinese market is entering an explosive growth period, its penetration rate is only around 5%. Accurate marketing is particularly important in the context of competing entry and high professional barriers in the industry. “Building a festival” is one of the means, such as the “66 Double Eyes Festival” and “99 Pipi Festival” of New Oxygen.

Can the “making a festival” become the killer of the new oxygen to deal with the “flow” competition in the current market?

Since the Taobao “Double Eleven” started in 2009, and later the “XX Festival”, the festival has become a marketing tool used by e-commerce, which stimulates consumption and enhances brand influence. All of them have tasted the sweetness. For the new oxygen “building festival”, industry-related practitioners have optimistic expectations.

New Oxygen

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An Internet medical beauty platform entrepreneur said that the new oxygen move is “to take the path of others, so that others have no way to go”; the two founders of the recent offline medical and beauty institutions have said Will actively cooperate with and participate in this big promotion. In fact, the new oxygen is indeed “a set” in marketing. The new oxygen Q2 financial report shows that the new oxygen has achieved a monthly growth of nearly 72.5% with a growth rate of 18.5% year-on-year.

So, in the short term, advertising and “making a festival” are just a means of attracting users to consume; in the long run, it is also an important bargaining chip for the new oxygen to gain the industry’s right to speak and lead the second half of the competition. After all, in the 100 billion-level market of medical beauty, there is no such thing as the “XX Medical Beauty Festival”.

It is worth mentioning that, unlike other e-commerce festivals, the latter tends to cause impulsive consumption by users, and is squandered by “excessive goods”; however, medical and beauty e-commerce promotions may not appear similar, because many projects All users have been “planting grass” for a long time. In addition, the medical beauty section can be operated to meet the premise of online consumer medical product safety regulations. In recent years, New Oxygen has taken many measures to deal with black products, including the interception of bad information through technical and manual review, on-line face recognition and authentication systems.

How will the new oxygen go after the midfield battle?

Regardless of the success of the E-Commerce Festival, the competition for Internet medical beauty has already begun.

Alibaba, Jingdong, Meituan and other traffic giants have made the simple “flow play” no longer applicable. How to integrate resources and provide users with comprehensive professional services is the key to the success of all parties.

In the words of Venus, “Which platform gives the service organization more profits, the service organization will naturally have his choice, this is the essence of business.” Even Ali and the US group are currently vigorously integrating B-side institutions. Traffic conversion, new oxygen is not worried about the loss of institutions or businesses.

In addition, the giant platform’s main low-price unit price project will consume the organization’s service carrying capacity. Because the doctor’s time is limited, a doctor has limited service for the unit time, low customer orders, entry-level projects, The low willingness to re-sell other products will increase the operating costs of the organization.

The number of surgical orders in the consumption of new oxygen accounted for more than 30%, which is close to the international medical and surgical orders. This ratio means that the unit price is more reasonable. After all, medical beauty is different from clothing, food and shelter, not standardized mass production, and doctors.The technology requires a long time of polishing, so a certain profit guarantee can allow institutions and doctors to achieve healthy development.

In the case of dental services, there are more than 4,000 certified service organizations, including nearly 1,400 professional dental institutions, and more than 70% of dental related orders on the platform are corrected and veneered. An aesthetic order for the unit price.

How do you maintain your strengths for a long time? For the new oxygen at this stage, in addition to deep research in the field of medical beauty, and deeper links with medical care, it is also necessary to find new growth and breakthrough points. Therefore, the new oxygen proposed a “one vertical and one horizontal” strategy.

In the vertical direction, the new oxygen will build a network of medical and aesthetic industries including consumers, doctors, hospital institutions, consultants, manufacturers, and people, in order to improve the efficiency of all links and better meet the rapid growth. demand. The horizontal direction is mainly for category expansion. Venus has proposed three criteria for selection: 1) consumer care, that is, most of it is improving; 2) careful decision-making, which requires a large amount of information and content to assist consumers in decision-making; 3) high customer unit price, which has market-oriented operations. possibility.

New oxygen has begun to expand into the dental field at the end of 2018, and will be replicated in the future in dermatology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynaecology, high-end medical examination, and overseas medical treatment. Venus said that in these areas of high decision-making threshold, community operation is the key to competition, and new oxygen has the advantage of vertical community, and has been cultivated and matured in the medical beauty community, and can be copied to other consumer medical fields.

“One vertical and one horizontal” is ambition and emboldened.

Imagine the end, in the battlefield of the Internet, most markets will lead a leader, the remaining players will divide the remaining market (such as social, games, e-commerce, network car, etc.), or double-powered hegemony, three-legged or The crowds are divided into video sites, online education, mobile payments, takeaways, etc. Under such circumstances, we may be able to “expect” the future of new oxygen.