Beware of investment scams

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “filming together” (ID: yiqipaidianying), author / Nianbei.

“Money, we can vote, but I have a request, you have to do a cartoon like “Where” in two years?”

“I am afraid this is not possible. We are a two-dimensional animation production company.”

A few days ago, the staff of an animation company “spit” to sir. “Which” is a fire, and as an animator, I have finally raised my eyebrows, and my colleagues in the industry are happy about it. However, the popularity of an animation is far from changing the ecology of an industry. Even the invisible has brought some negative images. For example, if you are an “investor” who is eager to seek success, you want to copy the “Where” type of explosion.


“They just want to make money, not to see the content.” This will inevitably disrupt the industry order and thus affect future development. Therefore, after the explosion, we should also be alert to the resulting chaos. After all, how can the market be profitable and easy to let go of the “explosion”?

Explosive capacity is large, but has special characteristics that cannot be copied

The reason why the “explosive money” can make the listener admire, let the viewers feel the heart, and let the speculators “utilize” is because of its powerful ticket property and ability to influence the schedule.

Take three movies in the summer of the past three years as an example. The “Wolf Wolf 2” released in 2017, which has a total box office of 5.683 billion, is still ranked first in the box office list, becoming the first global box office. TOP100’s domestic film, and its creation of 159 million people, has become the highest number of people in the global film history single market. In the 136 movie releases of the summer, only one box office of “War Wolf” accounted for 33.73%.

And last year, the summer file released “I am not a drug god” through the early stage of the film, the high word of mouth gradually spread, thus gaining the box office long tail effect, “medicine” heat continued throughout the summer file. It also refreshed the box office ceiling of the realist inscription film with a box office score of 3.1 billion, becoming the summer box office champion of last year.

This year, “Where is the devil’s coming to the world” is an unstoppable trend, refreshing the box office record of domestic animated films, and now its box office is nearly 4.8 billion, a leap