“Financial management” means “managing good money”. If you have become the backbone of society and the family, “how to make money”, “how to use money” and “manage good money” are the biggest problems you face.


I have an old friend, the chief financial officer of a start-up company in Shenzhen, who has been “dismissed” at home for more than a month. He came to me to complain, a very talkative and very interesting person on weekdays, suddenly became like a grown-up teenager.

There are four elderly people, and there are a pair of well-behaved daughters. The wife is a teacher at home. As the spiritual and economic pillar of the family just over forty, the layoffs are the blow to the whole family. destroy.

Before layoffs, he may live with a tens of thousands of people in middle age, a man with a small career, and live a happy life with a filial piety. However, behind this happiness is pressure, thin ice, a blow.

The warning from my friend’s experience is, what should we do? What preparations should I make?

Some people say that good health is very important; some people say that happy and happy is very important; others say that knowledge is very important. Everyone has their own perspective on the world, but for the “long road to life”, I think most people will agree that the most important thing is solid financial resources. And The first step to having solid financial resources is that you need to understand “finance” and know “financial management”!

Financial management is a set of application tools, empirical models, or application standards. We can use this tool to make the management of the company simple, transparent and readable, so as to find out the problems of the company’s operation and management; or to discover the advantages and problems of the company.

“Not everyone who is sensitive to numbers will become a good boss, but good bosses will often grasp the numbers of the company.” The first job of the first billionaire Rockefeller in American history was Accountants, and the research and precise grasp of corporate figures, helped Rockefeller make the right decisions in just a few decades, making his oil company the world’s number one.

What is financial management? Why are business executives proficient in corporate finance?

Fair Knight, the founder of the famous sports brand “Nike”, the first job is also an accountant. The same in-depth study of corporate figures helped Knight to invent the “outsourcing of production lines” business model, thus becoming the world’s number one sports brand.

But when it comes to financial management, many people think of a bunch of horrible numbers and professional terminology, which is daunting. More people will think that what accounting is doing has nothing to do with their own business, and there is no need to understand and learn. Of course, many people have noticed the importance of these figures, but they don’t know how to start systematic learning. The learning process is very difficult.

For the operators who feel that finance has nothing to do with themselves, or they have no intention of learning, but they are inspirational to be a big boss and a CEO of a multinational company. My unified answer is: If you don’t understand finance, then all this is a daydream.

The aforementioned billionaires, such as Rockefeller, Nike founder Knight, to today’s technology financial predators, well-known multinational CEOs are all very proficient in finance.

As an investor, find a better investment target through the financial model, or prevent investors from choosing a company that is sleek and ruined; as an operator, learn to manage the company’s standard means and logic to find out where Advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses, and stand in an invincible position in market competition.

Give an example of Xiaomi IPO last year. I don’t know if you have read the prospectus of Xiaomi? Among the 597-page prospectus, pure financial information accounts for 1/3 of the total content. If all the content related to the number is counted, the content of 2/3 is related to the data of the business operation, that is, it is related to finance, so no Understand finance, how can it be listed? A person who does not use digital tools is hard to be a leader in this industry.

The current Internet giant’s family members are also financially-born, such as Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong, Ant Financial Service CEO Jing Xiandong, Sina Chairman Cao Guowei, Ctrip CEO Sun Jie, etc., all of whom are experts in financial management.

In fact, traditional industry giants also have many financial experts who have been appointed as family members. For example, Vanke, the chairman of Vanke, and Ren Huichuan, the CEO of Ping An Group, also have financial management skills and deep financial management skills. If you don’t understand finance, it may become more and more difficult to manage your business.

What is financial management? Why are business executives proficient in corporate finance? Then switch to an angle, let’s see what the business school teaches?

If you are interested in taking a look at the CEIBS course, you will find that one of the 12 core compulsory courses, one of which is a finance course, if you count the financial-related macro-microeconomic courses together, exceed 2/3 of the core courses are related to financial figures, while the elective courses also include financial courses.Accounted for more than half. Therefore, the best business school in Asia and the ninth-ranked business school in the world, most of the time is to cultivate the financial affairs of senior management personnel.

So financial simplicity is “money.” “Financial management” means “managing good money”. If you have become the backbone of society and the family, “how to make money”, “how to use money” and “manage good money” are the biggest problems you face.

A manager wants to succeed. Only by knowing the true meaning behind each number can you make the right decision. An investor wants to make a profit. Only by finding out the core value of the company can you find a quality enterprise that is truly worth investing. So is it only possible to spend hundreds of thousands of business schools to learn mainstream financial analysis tools?

Online audio course created by Kailuan United Huazhang College “Teach you to read the financial report” , you can get a practical and simple financial management knowledge in 20 courses for only 79 yuan.

Teacher Zheng Yongqiang, Chief Financial Officer of Fortune 500, Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of Sumitomo Mitsui Insurance China Ltd., MBA of Hong Kong University, Bachelor of Transportation University, Director of the Global Council of Certified Public Accountants, Director of the Royal Council of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Well-known multinational companies hold positions in financial management. This course will help you learn a set of methods in the shortest and fastest time in a very simple and simple way to understand and master the business situation of a company, so as to find out the core value of the company. .

The course is divided into two core modules, a total of 20 sections:

The first part shows the financial statements of the company, explaining the economic meaning of the various projects, so that everyone can understand the corporate health indicators corresponding to each project;

The second part is about the practical application and case analysis of corporate financial management, which suggests how companies should correct the disease and improve their health.

With the authority, system and high practicality, it is recommended as an enlightenment course for value investors, workplace whites and financial executives.

What is financial management? Why are business executives proficient in corporate finance?

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What is financial management? Why are business executives proficient in corporate finance?  ?

Decoding financial reports, from white to master!