On October 21st, at the third quarter banking and insurance industry data information and supervision key work conference held by the Information Office of the State Council, a reporter from News (www.thepaper.cn) asked: In recent years, the Huimin Insurance business has developed rapidly, but it is growing Some problems have also appeared in China, such as competition among multiple products in a city and higher compensation. I would like to ask the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, what is the current overall compensation situation of Huimin Insurance business in various regions? Does the insurance coverage rate meet expectations? How will it be supervised in the next step? Photo by Ye Yanfei, head of the Policy Research Bureau of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, News reporter Zhou Di

Ye Yanfei, head of the Policy Research Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, photo by reporter Zhou Di

There is also the deepening of the aging degree, the demand for insurance is increasing, and the degree of attention to insurance is also increasing.

Ye Yanfei said that in recent years, urban customized commercial medical insurance that is guided by relevant departments of local government, commercial operations of insurance institutions, and connected with basic medical insurance has developed rapidly in many places. Called “Benefit People Insurance”, it is actually equivalent to a supplementary insurance for basic medical insurance, but it is operated in a commercial and market-oriented way. Such products expand the breadth and depth of the existing medical security system, reduce the risk of disease-induced poverty and return to poverty due to illness. While reducing the burden on the government, it also provides opportunities and a platform for the insurance industry to exert its professional advantages. It is a new exploration of commercial health insurance services for people’s livelihood protection. New content has been added to the construction of a multi-level medical insurance system with basic medical insurance and serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents as the main body, commercial insurance as the supplement, and medical assistance as the foundation.

According to Ye Yanfei, At present, 58 insurance institutions have participated in more than 100 customized medical insurance projects in cities in 27 provinces. The number of people exceeds 70 million. The situation in each region is different, and affected by many factors, the insurance rate of the project varies greatly, and some have reached more than 50%. As Hainan’s special drug insurance is fully covered, Hainan residents can take out the insurance, but the situation varies from place to place.

Ye Yanfei said that on the whole, most urban customized medical insurance projects are still in the start-up stage and have not yet experienced a complete insurance period. The compensation rate of this business is greatly affected by the setting of the project compensation conditions, the local basic medical insurance policy and the participation rate. The current compensationThe risk exposure is not yet sufficient, and it cannot be ruled out that some areas may suffer losses in the future. This is a process of exploration. In May of this year, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a document to regulate the city’s customized medical insurance business, and put forward clear requirements for the formulation of such business protection plans, operational risks, business and service sustainability, and market order.

Ye Yanfei said that in the next step, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will continue to support commercial insurance institutions to meet the people’s multi-level and personalized health protection needs through diversified products and services, and strictly supervise them. Insurance institutions scientifically formulate insurance plans, scientifically determine the level of premiums, strengthen the backtracking of their business, and give play to their own business and professional advantages to ensure that they are beneficial to the people and sustainable. At the same time, we will continue to pay attention to projects and operations in various regions, strengthen scientific prudence, compliance with laws and regulations, strengthen supervision, and adopt resolute supervision measures against acts that blindly seize the market, disrupt market order, and damage consumer rights.