Problem description: The patient has allergic rhinitis, thickening of the sphenoid sinus mucosa on the right side of the nose. The mucosa of the superior frontal sinus, frontal sinus, and left ethmoid sinus and sphenoid sinus were thickened on both sides. No obvious deviation of the nasal septum was seen. The mucosa of the right turbinate is thickened. The soft tissue density shadow can be seen in it, and there is no obvious abnormality in the bone quality of the sinuses.
Question date:2021-05-18
Patient information:Age: 83 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, according to the symptoms described, there are not only allergic rhinitis, but also sinusitis and upper frontal sinusitis.
Guiding suggestions: Does the patient have repeated nasal congestion, runny nose, dizziness, headache and other symptoms? Is it accompanied by clear nasal discharge or pus nasal discharge, or nasal discharge with blood? Did you snore, open your mouth to breathe, or have trouble breathing during sleep at night?
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