Problem description: The patient, female, 61 years old, had cerebral hemorrhage in November last year. At that time, she was paralyzed in the past few months (left) with convulsive pain. For several days, she had convulsions for a few days. , Swelling and numb, repeatedly, a few days ago, I couldn’t pull my bowels out at once. I used Kaisailu, and I got better in the next few days. I felt sputum in my throat these days, I couldn’t cough up, and there was no phlegm when I coughed up. , Wearing a round neckline, it feels like wearing a high collar, something is pinching her
Question date:2021-05-18
Patient information: b>Age: 61 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis: If the sputum is thicker, you can consider drinking ambroxol.
Guidelines: You should also pay attention to a light diet, such as meat, fruit with high sugar content, and cold drinks.
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