Problem description: Hello, it may be because the doctor is not experienced in removing the ring. Anesthesia was used during the ring removal process and the uterine plug was also used. After taking it for a long time, the pain was unbearable, and finally called I only took it out after the chief physician came. Now I am trembling with pain, and my abdomen and waist are painful. Will there be any sequelae? How long will it take to recover?
Question date:2021-05-18
Patient information:Age: 39 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, during the process of removing the ring, the cervix will be stretched, which will cause lumbosacral pain.
Guidelines: After the ring is removed under normal circumstances, resting on your back will gradually decrease. 24 The pain disappears within a few hours. If the pain gets heavier, you need to go to a gynecological clinic immediately and have a B-ultrasound check.