Problem description: The first menstruation in ten months after giving birth on May 6, the menstruation was clean after two nights and one day, and the breast milk was weaned on this day. On the 18th, there was a little blood and a little blood clot. It was black, without heavy menstrual flow, and it was wiped in the toilet. For four or five days, I saw a little gray when I took the vaginal discharge today. The following is the list I checked today. The doctor did not ask about the situation after work. Is the situation serious?
Question date:2021-05-24
Patient information:Age: 34 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, everyone’s menstrual volume duration and color have their own characteristics. First of all, we must know whether the menstrual volume on May 6th is normal or not, if it is normal menstrual volume, then the small amount of bleeding on the 18th consider the ovulation period The possibility of bleeding is high.
Guiding suggestion: There is a small amount of blood in the uterine cavity in the B-ultrasound examination. Cervical cysts do not need to be treated for regular cervical cancer screening. If you have pelvic fluid, you need a gynecologist to check for pelvic inflammatory disease. /b>