Problem description: It used to be a pain in the left side of the seat bones. Why does the right calf hurt after using safflower oil massage. When the right side is massaged, the master just relaxes the right leg. What is the reason?
Question date:2021-05-25
Patient information:Age: 29 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis:For the lumbar spine Radiation pain in the legs caused by the disease is often due to compression of the root nerve. To relieve the pain and discomfort, the compression of the root nerve needs to be resolved. Most massages do not have this effect, but they can induce nerve compression.
Guidelines: So the current situation is expected. In the current situation, it is recommended to pay more attention to rest, minimize unnecessary activities, and wait for the local swelling to disappear, and the nerve compression will be relieved and improved. You can also take some drugs orally, such as Biqi capsules, mecobalamin, etc., to see if the relief is improved.
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