Problem description: Four and a half years old, xo-shaped leg, can it be corrected, if possible, by what method, I want to go to the hospital in the near future, but I am more anxious, thank you
Question date :2021-05-25
Patient information:Age: 4 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis:Hello, xo type Legs can be conservatively or surgically corrected quickly. If conservative treatment is chosen, it is generally necessary to combine the force line and deformity of the lower limbs, and the child should be corrected by wearing a suitable brace.
Guidance suggestion: Suggestion: It is best to go to the hospital for related examinations and treat according to your actual situation. You can also consider wearing an orthosis and cooperating with sports rehabilitation methods for correction and recovery. , To prevent symptoms from getting worse. If the conservative treatment effect is not satisfactory, the patient can be treated by minimally invasive surgery, that is, a small clip is placed on the side of the epiphysis of the child for fixation, and the O-leg is corrected by adjusting the growth and development speed of the bone. The trauma is small and the effect is stable. , But only for children with growth potential. Generally, it is not recommended to use insoles or bandages for correction.
Suggestions are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed examination