The judgment of the Kangmei Pharmaceuticals case has aroused the market’s attention to the movements of independent directors of listed companies. The reporter of Securities Times found through combing the announcements of listed companies that a group of independent director candidates are taking their positions in accordance with the process.

Screened the announcements of A-share listed companies with the keyword “independent director candidate statement”. The data shows that since the first-instance judgment of Kangmei Pharmaceuticals fell on November 12 As of November 24, a total of 68 companies have issued independent director candidate statements, involving more than 160 candidates. 68 companies released candidates for independent directors Individual statement

Issuing an independent director candidate statement is one of the important procedures for the appointment of an independent director of a listed company. According to regulations, listed companies hire independent directors, and independent director candidates need to complete the relevant filing procedures before they can take office. Taking the Shenzhen company as an example, according to the independent director filing guidelines, independent director candidates should make a statement on whether they comply with relevant laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, regulatory documents and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange business rules regarding independent director qualifications and independence requirements .

According to the date, 7 listed companies issued relevant statements on November 12, and 10 on the 13th. Since then, the number of listed companies that issued announcements about candidate statements fell first and then rose. The number of companies that issued statements on the 20th and 23rd reached double digits again, and fell to 8 on the 24th.

As a whole, since November 12, as of November 24, an average of 7.56 listed companies have issued announcements related to independent director candidates. This number It is roughly the same as before the first-instance judgment in the Kangmei case. Data show that since the third quarter, as of November 12, 6.6 listed companies have issued announcements about independent director candidates every day.

In this wave of new independent director candidates, there are both re-elected and first-time candidates.

For example, ST Tianrun issued an announcement on the by-election of independent directors on November 18. The announcement mentioned that “it is proposed to nominate Mr. Shao Tierui as a candidate for independent director of the company’s twelfth session of the board of directors, and to by-elect him as a member of the strategic development committee of the company’s board of directors and a member of the audit committee; Independent director candidate for the second term of the board of directors and by-electionMember of the Audit Committee and Remuneration and Appraisal Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors. “

In addition, the announcement also mentioned that Shao Tierui and Huang Yanyan have not yet obtained the independent director qualification certificate, and promised to participate in the latest independent director training and obtain the independent director qualification recognized by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Certificate. Its qualification and independence need to be reviewed by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange before submitting to the company’s general meeting of shareholders for deliberation.

Another example is Weiguang Bio, which will be released by the company on November 24. The three independent director candidates declared Wang Xinmin, Yang Xinfa, and Wang Yanmei. Among them, Wang Xinmin and Yang Xinfa were elected as independent directors of the company’s second board of directors on January 4, 2019. Wang Yanmei is an independent director of the company’s new board of directors. Director’s newcomer. Weiguang Biotech also announced that He Xun, an independent director of the second board of directors, will no longer serve as an independent director of the company after the expiration of his term.

Research scholars are favored

Among the candidates for independent directors, accountants are undoubtedly the most popular.

Looking at the list of 19 independent director candidates released by 8 listed companies on November 24, 5 of them have obtained the title of accountant or auditor. Accounted for about 26%.

Research scholars are also favored by listed companies. Taking Zhongjing Electronics as an example, one of the independent director candidates, Jin Peng, is a PhD in Physics.

According to the data, Jinpeng was born in 1970 and graduated from Nankai University and University of Houston. He has served as a senior engineer and optical fiber expert at Corning, a senior engineer at Sensitron Semiconductor, a director of science and technology at CML Innovative Technologies, and the secretary-general of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association.

Similar to Hangzhou Kelin’s independent director candidate Dai Guojun, and Weiguang Biological’s independent director candidate Wang Yanmei.

Among them, Dai Guojun is a doctoral degree holder, majoring in electrical engineering, and a professor-level teacher. He is currently working in the School of Computer Science and Technology of Hangzhou Dianzi University and is the director of the Institute of Computer Application Technology. , The person in charge of “Computer Science and Technology”, a national-level specialty comprehensive reform pilot. Wang Yanmei has been engaged in research and planning, policy formulation, achievement transformation and service of the biomedical industry for 12 years, and has successively completed ShenzhenThere are more than 30 research reports on the biomedical industry at the level and district level. He has a postgraduate degree, a doctorate in steel metallurgy from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, an engineer, and is currently the deputy general manager of the Guangdong Small Molecule New Drug Innovation Center, the executive secretary of the Shenzhen Life Science and Biology and Association, Director of Shenzhen Nanshan Technology Office.

(The original title is: Not bad people! Over 160 independent directors from 68 companies arrived immediately)