Problem description: I went to the hospital for a prosthetic augmentation surgery some time ago. I heard from a friend that I need to wear a corset. How long should I wear a corset after breast augmentation?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 24 Gender: Female
One month after breast augmentation with prosthesis After about two months, the shapewear needs to be determined according to the effect of the shape. In order to prevent sagging breasts after prosthesis breast augmentation surgery, it is necessary to wear a shape-fitting garment for a period of time, which can achieve the effect of adjusting the shape of the breast. For people with faster shaping ability, generally only need to wear for about one month. The ability is relatively slow, and you need to wear shapewear for about two months. Each person’s physique is different, so there will be differences in the wearing time. After the prosthesis breast augmentation surgery, try to avoid squeezing or bumping your chest, and don’t rub your chest too hard.
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