Problem description: Your face is a relatively flat type, which leads to the lack of three-dimensional features. If you want to change the shape of your face, what should you do if your face is flat?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 32 Gender: Female
Faces can generally be injected with hyaluronic acid Method The filling method is improved to make the contour of the face look fuller. Hyaluronic acid can moisturize, moisturize and fill. It can be injected into a relatively flat area of ​​the face to make the local muscle tissue look more three-dimensional. It also helps to enhance the facial image. It does not contain irritating ingredients and stimulates the skin. Less sex, faster recovery. Within 24 hours of filling with hyaluronic acid, avoid water in the eye of the needle to prevent bacterial growth and infection. Daily maintenance of the face should be carried out to prevent the loss of facial collagen and reduce skin problems.
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