Problem description: My face is too flat, not very full, so the whole face looks ugly. How can I get a flat face?
Question date: 2021-06-12
Patient information: Age: 23 Gender: Female
Face is flat, you can take stuffing Way of treatment. If the face is particularly flat, it looks like a card with special facial features, without a three-dimensional effect. Most can be improved by filling fat or hyaluronic acid. For example, if there is a flat forehead, you can use hyaluronic acid for filling. If there is a sunken temple, you can also use hyaluronic acid or fat for filling. It can also be used to fill apple muscles, tear grooves, lying silkworms, chin, bridge of nose, and lips. It can effectively improve the flatness of the face. It is recommended to do medical beauty projects, you should go to a local formal medical beauty institution and find a professional person to perform the operation, which can ensure the postoperative effect and avoid risks.
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