Description of the problem: I have a lot of fat on my face, and I am worried that facial sagging will occur if my face is fat. I would like to ask if people with fat face are prone to sagging?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 33 Gender: Female
People with fat faces are prone to sagging Yes, people with fat faces have a lot of fat on their faces. As they age, their faces may droop. People with fat faces will have more fat under the skin, and the more fat, the skin will become looser, so the face is prone to sagging. It is recommended to change incorrect eating habits, avoid eating high-content foods and foods that are too greasy, and massage the face to promote fat consumption and alleviate the phenomenon of fatter face. If necessary, the patient also needs to inject a face-lifting needle locally, while avoiding eating too hard food, so as to achieve the effect of face-lifting.
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