Problem description: My face is extremely fat. I heard from friends that people with fat faces are prone to skin sagging and sagging, and people with fat faces are prone to sagging?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 34 Gender: Female
People with fat faces may be The phenomenon of prone to sagging occurs, but the specific needs to be determined according to the loss of collagen. For people with fat faces, if the collagen is lost faster, it may cause symptoms of sagging and sagging on the face, and it will seriously affect the appearance of the face after recharging. After the symptoms of sagging of the face appear, it can be improved by face lift surgery, thread carving surgery or injection of wrinkle needles. Eat more collagen-rich foods in your diet, such as trotters and chicken feet, to supplement the skin’s nutrients in time.
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