Problem description: I know the reason why I found that my face is getting fatter recently, and I am worried about sagging. Would you like to know that people with fat faces are prone to sagging?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 26 Gender: Female
People with fat faces are easy There is a sagging problem. People with fat faces are prone to double chins, which can make people feel that their facial skin is sagging. People with facial obesity can choose the way of massage to improve the phenomenon of facial obesity. When skin care every morning and evening, tap some toner, and then apply some moisturizing cream, gently massage to treat absorption, long-term persistence can achieve the effect of face-lifting . In addition, you can also do some lifting movements, turning your head back and forth, and the effect is good. When you have time, you can also lie down on the sofa, which can also help thin your face. Usually, you should pay attention to a reasonable diet. Don’t eat particularly fatty foods. You can eat more light foods. In addition, you should also participate in some outdoor sports to help thin your face.
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