Problem description: When I went home and burned during the Chinese New Year, my face was scarred by the fire. I want to ask what should I do if my face is scarred by fire?
Date of the question:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 26 Gender: Female
The face was left on fire Scars need to be removed according to the severity of the scar. If the area of ​​the burned scar on the face is relatively small and the scar time is relatively short, it can be treated with external application of scar removal cream. The substance in the scar removal cream can stimulate the local skin, corrode the injured skin, and then grow new skin. If the burned scar on the face is relatively large or the scar lasts for a long time, it needs to be removed by laser. Laser removal uses the energy generated by the laser momentarily to stimulate the local skin. When repairing scars, you must pay special attention to sun protection. You must do a good job of sun protection when you go out, apply sunscreen in time, and use sun umbrellas, sun protection clothing, ice sleeves, etc. for sun protection.
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