Problem description: My son is undergoing a tooth replacement period, but the permanent teeth have grown out, or they are not neat. I want to correct them through orthodontic surgery. Can the permanent teeth undergo orthodontic surgery?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 12 Gender: Male
Can permanent teeth undergo orthodontic surgery , Patients need to go to a regular dental hospital for related diagnosis and treatment. Usually when the permanent teeth are not neatly arranged, the patient generally needs to go to the local regular dental hospital to take a panoramic view of the oral cavity, clarify the specific situation of the teeth, and then choose the appropriate method for correction. Of course, if necessary, orthodontic surgery can be used to achieve the corrective effect, and orthognathic surgery can also be used for correction. During the period of orthodontics, patients must do a good job of oral hygiene and care, and develop a good habit of gargle morning and evening after meals, which is also conducive to orthodontics.
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