Problem description: Recently, the area of ​​moles on my face has increased. I want to remove them by laser. How much is the mole removal method?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 39 Gender: Female
Moles removal costs about 100 yuan It costs about 500 yuan per piece, depending on the level of the hospital, and there may be deviations in the cost. Most mole removal can choose laser method, which is beneficial to decompose the melanin in the surface and deep layers of the skin, and can also burn the area of ​​the skin to achieve the removal effect. Choose a regular hospital to reduce the charging standard for a mole, most of which cost 100 yuan Around, the cost of the top three hospitals will increase, and it will cost about 500 yuan to remove a mole. Before the local scab falls off during the recovery period, avoid water and irritating food to prevent infection.
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