Problem description: My breast hasn’t developed much since I was a teenager. Now I have breast implants. How long will it take to soften the breasts?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 23 Gender: Female
Generally need one after prosthesis breast augmentation It can be softened from one month to three months, and the specific needs are determined according to the individual’s post-care situation. The breasts are relatively small and can be augmented with prostheses. Silicone or swelling is common. The appropriate material should be selected according to personal needs. After prosthesis breast augmentation, the physique is better, and the correct post-care is done, usually one month. The left and right can become soft. Weak physique, without proper post-care, it will take about three months to soften. In the later stage, you should eat more protein-rich foods and choose the right underwear, not too tight.
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