Problem description: My child is breastfeeding, which causes the breasts to shrink, loosen and sag. Therefore, after the prosthesis breast augmentation surgery, how long can I take a bath after breast augmentation?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 38 Gender: Female
At least half of the body after breast augmentation You can take a bath about a month or so, but you must pay attention to the water temperature not higher than the body temperature. At present, there are two main methods of medical cosmetic breast augmentation, one is implantation of prosthesis, and the other is autologous fat filling. The recovery time of breast augmentation after implantation of prosthesis is longer. Generally, it takes about two months. Do not take a bath too early for breast augmentation surgery, so as not to cause infection when the water touches the wound during the bath. The autologous fat filling breast augmentation surgery takes about a month to recover. You can take a bath when you return to normal. When you take a bath, you should gently wipe the surgical area with a towel. Do not directly flush the breast area with the faucet, so as not to affect the effect of the surgery. After prosthesis breast augmentation surgery, you must insist on smoking, prohibiting alcohol, and prohibiting strenuous exercise, and do not go to the sauna for at least half a month. After the prosthesis is fully restored, you can massage the breasts every day to make the breasts softer and more perfect.
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