Problem description: My breasts are not big enough and not tall enough. I want to have breast implants. How long can I take a bath after breast augmentation?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 26 Gender: Female
It takes about ten days after breast augmentation surgery You can take a bath, and hot water higher than 40 degrees is not acceptable. Hot water higher than 40 degrees is not acceptable. Too high temperature will affect the shape of the prosthesis, and it is prone to swelling, in order to avoid damage to the prosthesis after breast augmentation. Within two weeks after the prosthesis breast augmentation surgery, the wound should be avoided as much as possible to avoid contact with water. Generally, only the lower part of the body can be washed in the bath. The recovery time of prosthesis breast augmentation is related to the body constitution and postoperative care, so the specific recovery time is uncertain. The incision is completely restored and there is no swelling and infection. You can take a bath. Avoid heat stimulation, take good care, do not lift heavy objects during the recovery period, do not do upper limb lifting movements, do not do strenuous exercise, eat lightly, fasting spicy food.
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