Problem description: My breasts are relatively small and become straight after breast augmentation, but they are swollen. How long can the swelling disappear completely after breast augmentation?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information: Age: 24 Gender: Female
It takes about 1 after breast augmentation. The swelling can be completely reduced in ~2 months, and the specific time to reduce the swelling needs to be determined according to the individual’s physique and nursing situation. Breast augmentation with prosthesis is an invasive operation, in which a prosthesis is inserted into the chest to make the chest straight, and there will be a period of swelling. If the nursing and physical fitness are good, the swelling time will be relatively shortened. After breast augmentation, the breasts can become firmer, and the curve of the breasts can be more perfect, reaching the S-shaped curve, making the appearance more charming and enhancing people’s self-confidence. After prosthesis breast augmentation, take care of the breast and wear loose and breathable clothes to avoid damage to the breast.
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