Problem description: I am not particularly satisfied with my breasts. I went to the hospital for breast implants two days ago. How long do I wear shapewear after breast implants?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 24 Gender: Female
Generally need to wear prosthesis after breast augmentation Shapewear for about one to two months, but the details vary from person to person. Breast augmentation surgery is a relatively common cosmetic surgery that can effectively improve chest flatness and sagging breasts. It is usually done by implanting prostheses such as silicone and expansion. After the surgery, the breast is not particularly stable, so you need to wear body shaping. Clothes. However, the way of care for each person is different, so there will be some differences in the length of time to wear the shapewear. Try not to do your own exercise after breast augmentation with prosthesis, otherwise it will cause the prosthesis to shift and affect the life effect.
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