Problem description: During the recent period, there are some black marks and scars on my face. I want to go to the hospital. How to remove black mark scars?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 38 Gender: Female
Aloe vera gel can be used for black mark scars Massage can be used to improve, but also can be relieved by laser surgery. Black mark scars may be caused by melanin pigmentation on the skin. If the blackness is not too serious, using aloe vera gel will gradually reduce the effect. If it is serious, it can be removed by laser. Laser is a kind of More advanced treatment methods can reach the deep tissues of the skin and crush the melanin in the deep tissues of the skin, thereby diminishing the black mark scars. Drink plenty of warm water during treatment. In daily life, you should also adjust your eating habits, avoid eating excessively irritating foods, and reduce the number of staying up late, so as not to cause endocrine disorders and cause melanin deposits on the face.
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