Problem description: I have a lot of black mark scars on my face. I have always felt inferior. I don’t know how to remove the black mark scars?
Date of problem: 2021-06-12
Patient information: Age: 24 Gender: Female
The most obvious effect is physical repair The method is to remove the scar with laser without pain. Laser can solve skin scars like acne scars. While effective treatment can also ideally reduce the formation of acne scars. Non-surgery is also one of the ways to remove surgical scars. After the surgical scars are in a stable period, patients can consider repairing them. Collagen injection has a very good effect on filling scar depression, and the injected collagen can quickly support the injection site. Pay more attention to skin hygiene, avoid spicy food and drink alcohol, and develop a good life habit. Pay attention to sun protection, especially when going out. In the case of strong ultraviolet rays, use an umbrella or use some physical sunscreen.
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