Problem description: The dark circles around the eyes are particularly heavy. I want to take a reasonable method to quickly eliminate them. How can I quickly eliminate the dark circles?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 45 Gender: Female
How to quickly eliminate dark circles In medical and aesthetic institutions, laser surgery is used for treatment, and hot towels can also be used. Laser surgery is mainly to make a relatively small incision in the eyelid area, and remove the excess tissue and skin by surgical methods to decompose the local melanin and achieve the effect of removing dark circles. Before going to bed every night, use a hot towel to perform Hot compresses can speed up the blood circulation around the eyes and improve the metabolism around the eyes. The formation of dark circles may be caused by factors such as staying up late for a long time and a long time of bad life, which may affect the health of the eyes.
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