Problem description: My body is not very good, but there is a lot of fat on the round face, so will people with fat faces sag easily when they are old?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 29 Gender: Female
People with fat faces usually have faces There is more fat, and with age, it may be prone to sagging. If people with fat face are caused by more fat on the face, they may experience gradual aging and sagging of the skin as they age, which may lead to sagging; but it can also be improved through many medical aesthetics projects. For example, face-lifting injections, facial sculptures, facial lifts, and facial lifts can effectively improve the sagging and sagging skin of the face. In addition, you can also improve the phenomenon of facial sagging through a reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, and healthy weight loss. In addition, people with fat faces may be caused by excessive fat on the face, too large masseter muscles, or too large facial bones.
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