Problem description: Some time ago, my face was burned by fire. After the treatment, scar formation appeared locally. What should I do if my face was burnt and left scars?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 37 Gender: Female
Face burned and scarred In order to perform conditioning by laser, it can also be treated by surgical repair. When the scar is not particularly large in volume, it can be treated with carbon dioxide laser or pulsed laser. The high-energy heat generated by the laser can promote the formation of tissue cells and the repair of fibers, which can achieve the effect of repairing the scar. If there is a more serious raised scar, it needs to be treated by subcutaneous separation surgery. During subcutaneous separation surgery, your own scar will be removed, and local skin grafts need to be reduced to reduce the growth of bacteria or fungi at the wound site.
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