Problem description: My face was burned some time ago, and then some scars were left, which looked particularly ugly. Can the scars on my face be removed naturally in the future?
Question date:2021-06-12
Patient information:Age: 27 Gender: Female
The scar on the face may be affected in the future It disappears naturally. The specific situation needs to be determined according to the depth of the burn. If it does not exceed the superficial layer of the dermis, it will generally not leave a scar. If the dermis has been injured, it may leave a scar. When scars appear, they need to be treated with topical anti-scar ointment. If there is no improvement, use laser to remove them if necessary. The laser method mainly uses specific wavelengths to irradiate the skin and penetrate to the subcutaneous, turning the scar tissue from particles into powder, which is then absorbed and discharged by the cells on the skin surface to achieve the effect of removing scars and make the local skin smoother. smooth. After treatment, take local care measures to avoid local exposure to ultraviolet rays, so as to avoid melanin deposits and affect the effect of laser scar removal.
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